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2 Pairs

In this game, you will be testing your own concentration and reaction since among the fast changing row of cardsyou will need to identify a particular pair. If you can do that, you`ll be on the next stage which is going to get harder because of one reason: the lesbian music that is played on the background will become more and more hot with every new level you reach!

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Busty Math 2

Mathematics could be fairly an exciting thing... particularly in the event you will be solving mathematics jobs in a business of sexy looking anime girls with yam-sized tits! As it was said already in thsi game you`ll be solving effortless (well, at first they`ll be effortless but later their problem will get larger ) mathematics jobs. All you will need to do would be to type at the answer before the time limitation will operate out. In case your answer is right you`ll reach another level and unlock one more hentai image from the in-game picture! However, if your answer will probably be wrong you`ll be thrown one degree back so don`t be in a rush too much. Once you will complete all the levels you`ll get acces to the gallery where you are able to love most of the unlocked images so lengthy as you need sans any distractions about solving tasks.